Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Drawing for Animation Stuff!

Hey Guys!
So for this assignment we were supposed to take our re-designed designer toy and re-design it again! We were supposed to re-design it in the style of warhammer 4000 which is basically a strategy game with little plastic figurines. 

So here is the redesign: 
 Here are the knowledge studies:

And the creative studies.
What do you think?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Figure...Again...But With a Brush Pen!!!

I know I know there has been a ton of figure this month but these were done with a Staedtler mars graphic 300 duo...that mean a really nice brush pen that my drawing for animation professor (joe olson) recommends.

It was hard to work with at first as you can see:

Then I figured out that I work best if I start with the head, to down the torso, and then finish off the rest of the body:

This is my favorite one:

Love you guys!

O'falafel falafel truck!

This is a assignment for Joe's drawing for animation class. It was the two point perspective/car with personality! So i decided that my dad needed a two story food truck fro his restaurant!
This is the pencil study:

And here is with line work:
These were a ton of fun to do!

Figure: Gesture

Hi guys! 
Yes more figure. But these are gesture!!
Here is some of my rougher stuff!

These get better!

 And these are my favorites!

What do you think guys?

Intro to 3-D Bug

I forgot to post this....Sorry! This is the final assignment for the intro to maya class. It is a bug!!!
 Although I am pleased with it in considering it was me second ever project in maya there is still a ton that I want to do with it!!!

Figure!! Extended Poses.

Hi Guys
I am shamed by how long it has been since I have posted some figure but here it is at last! These are some extended poses (between 20-90 min) from this semester and last!

Here they are!