Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Graphic Design!

My first post with actual content! Yah! So I have some stuff from my graphic design classes that I would like to share with you! It is all pretty rough still but I am happy with it! (at least as a starting point!)

This first image is a logo for an alternative energy company which I am creating for my GD 245 class. I still need to add typography and color but I think that it a good place to start:
This next image is from a getting  to know photoshop assignment in GD 210. We were instructed to create a self-portrait and I came up with this:
These last images are from an assignment in GD 210 again. We were instructed to create an event poster for an event of our choice. I chose to do the Holi festival, better known as the festival of colors. I had made the holi powder and threw it on templates to create the illustrations and had drew the type. They type is still not quite working but I think that the illustrations and compositions are starting to gell. I still have a lot of work to do on these thought! Here they are:

Anyway this is some of my Graphic Design stuff. Hope you liked it!
Much Love,

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